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Download Mowteor Latest Release: 27 Jun 2020
First Release: 30 May 2010

Download Mowteor v1.2 (4.9 MB) (Windows installer)
Released on 27 Jun 2020.

Download Mowteor v1.2 (4.9 MB) (Zip file without installer)
Released on 27 Jun 2020.

All downloads are subject to the Terms of Use.


Mowteor is a challenging lawn mowing game humorously based on Meteor. Although quite simple, some thought is needed to mow all of the grass within each level's time limit while watching the headings of the rain clouds (clouds make freshly mowed grass regrow).

Map, tile and sprite editors are included. Meteor style "base folder" modding is fully supported.

This game was created using Allegro.

Main menu screen

Mowing grass in 2 areas while avoiding 2 clouds

Technical mowing around obstacles

Integrated map editor


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