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Meteor 2

Download Meteor 2 Latest Release: 04 Apr 2007
First Release: 06 Sep 2004

Download Meteor 2 v1.30 (54 MB) (Windows installer)
Released on 04 Apr 2007.

Download Meteor 2 v1.30 from alternate mirror server (54 MB) (Windows installer)
Download from meteormods.com.

View the Meteor 2 Change Log
All downloads are subject to the Terms of Use.

Game Information

Meteor 2 is the long awaited successor to Meteor.

Features include:

  • A new sector based terrain engine.
  • 16 bit graphics with dynamic lighting.
  • An advanced SeeR based scripting system.
  • Fully integrated high quality editors and 100% modding support.
  • The ability to drive stuff like tanks and helicopters whenever they are left unattended.
  • High speed network support with coop, head to head and CTF modes (not in v1.0).
  • A Stomping soundtrack by Simon of Trideja, Minomus and One Overlord.
  • Support for MP3, MOD, S3M, XM and IT music file formats.

Meteor Front End (MeteorFE) - The Essential Companion to the Meteor Series

Meteor FE is a launcher and mod manager for Meteor and Meteor 2, refer to the MeteorFE page for more information.

Other Meteor 2 Pages

Screen Shots (added 9 May 2005)

Sub Surface Railway

Train Exits Tunnel

Prison Car park

High Bridge

Screen Shots (added 18 December 2004)

Amphibious Tank




Holding Position



Heavy Combat

Screen Shots (added 6 September 2004)

A plane patrolling the sea

Fishing on the lake

Beach invasion

Power Hoops (ammo for Pulse Cannon)

Entering the Chemical Plant by night

A lighthouse by the bridge

Screen Shots (added 19 August 2004)

Spot the Player (example roof sectors)!

Roof Sector Crane

BEFORE: Nice normal water

AFTER: Step on the island and the script turns it to lava!

Items Editor (editing items)

Items Edtior (editing power ups for an item)

Some Meteor 2 in the flesh

A typical development screw up

Screen Shots (added 30 July 2004)

Hot Stuff

Pest Control

Paul's (me_mantis) Cool Sector Work

The Osprey is the enemy's main troop transport

Early Screen Shots

Menu backdrop (menu system borrowed from Meteor 1)

Basic sector editing

Chinook over bridge (sector version)

Downtown Traffic

Meteor 2 Press Releases


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