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Download Rod Latest Release: 28 Apr 1999
First Release: 09 Nov 1998

Download Rod v1.21 (668 KB) (Zip file without installer)
Released on 28 Apr 1999.
DOS Game

This game is for DOS and is very old. It is not designed to run under Windows.

All downloads are subject to the Terms of Use.

Game Information

ROD is an older game project (the completed version was released in November 1998).  If you want to play my latest and greatest game then get Meteor instead, whereas if you want to see what I used to write back in the good old days then read on!

ROD is a FREEWARE 2D look down shooter. It "should" run OK under Win 95 in a DOS box and should run on a suitable 486 upwards. A 586 family or better CPU is recommended. There are no official requirements for ROD, it either works on your machine or it doesn't, you download and use it at your own risk!

Note that this a 32 bit DJGPP DOS< port of the original 16 bit real mode version.

You can take on the baddies as a single player, team up using two player split screen or take on each other. Its a bit like a really old version of Meteor basically!

Screen Shots

Below is a collection of screen shots from version 1.2.


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