Meteor 2 - The Next Generation of Retro Blaster

Meteor 2 is finally starting to look and act like a real game.  Although its not a 3D FPS game (its not designed to be, that is the whole point of the Meteor series!) it is a considerably large and complex coding project.  M2 features full mod support, proper integrated editors, 64 player Internet play, 16 bit sector based graphics, 16 bit dynamic lighting, SeeR scripting (C based) and 60 FPS real-time action.  It maintains the feel of the original Meteor but with a considerably advanced engine offering far superior flexibility and video/sound effects.  Expect everything in Meteor (and a little more) but just much nicer.

Meteor 2 has taken almost 5 years to develop (part time of course!), I am finally happy (well almost) to let it go out to the beta testers.




Despite some early indications a 3D look-down OpenGL version of Meteor 2 is not planned.  This technology is now reserved for later projects.



Beta testing will commence shortly.



ROD may be remade using the Meteor 1 engine (with some improvements), this will not be Rod 2.


James Bunting
2 September 2004