Meteor 2 - The Meteor Killer


After years of almost total silence Meteor 2 is about to appear.  M2 is far more advanced than its predecessor with a new dynamic play system and highly structured missions.  Editing is also far more straight-forward with the extended use of "objects" replacing many of the elements (sprites, units etc) of the original game.  The first release will use a new sector terrain system which packs a powerful map editor.



There has also been considerable research into the use of OpenGL (3D) as an alternate rendering engine.   AllegroGL has provided an excellent stepping stone between OpenGL and Allegro but some tuning is still required.  An OpenGL version of M2 could potentially be released in 2005.



Beta testing should commence in June 2004.


Meteor 1

There are currently no plans for a release higher than v1.2.


James Bunting
28 April 2004