Units Guide


Enemy Units

This basic trooper is armed with a machine gun.  In numbers these guys can give you a real hard time.

Flame Trooper
Keep away from these hot-headed dudes before they burn you to cinders!

Grenade Trooper
These troopers fire grenades with incredible accuracy, watch out because they really can fire around corners!

Plasma Trooper
Armed with plasma cannons these guys will keep you on the run.

Mini-gun Trooper
Watch out for these guys because they take you out in an instant!  Take them out quickly before they cut you up!

Rocket Trooper
These guys fire heavy rockets at long range.  Waste them before they blow you into next week!

Battle Mech
Be on your guard for these robots which are armoured and come equipped with a mounted laser canon.

Big Mech
These giant robots are real nasty.  Although they are slow they come with twin lasers, a rocket launcher and heavy armour.

Laser Turret
These small laser turrets have a high rate of fire, take them out quickly before before they toast you!

Mini-gun Turret
These mini-gun turrets pump out a stream of bullets that can cut you to pieces.  Be quick, very quick!

Heavy Rocket Turret
These sentry style rocket turrets are real nasty.  As well as firing twin heavy rockets their protective armour means they can take a pounding.

Flame Tower
These towers shoot red hot flames in all directions.  Keep away or you are toast!

Light Tank
These light tanks are fast and are armed with mini-rockets.  At close range they can be a real menace.

Stoo Tank
The Stoo Tank has a traditional design tank and fires good old fashion tank shells.  This tank got its name from Stoo (the guy who drew the sprite for me!).

Rocket Tank
These tiny tanks are quite tough, they are also very fast and have four mounted mini rocket launchers!  Not to be underestimated!

Heavy Tank
Armed to the teeth with heavy rockets, machine and mini-guns these tanks are tough.  However their toughness is well balanced by their slow speed.

Trike Tank
The unique design of these tanks makes them fast as well as heavily armoured.  They are armed with four mini rocket launchers and a mini-gun.  Be very careful with these because they are a lot harder than they look!

Air Scout
Capable of flying over any terrain you should be on your guard for these flying menaces.  Armed with plasma cannons and light armour they give more than they can take

Rocket Helicopter
These hovering baddies can catch up with you and turn you inside out in no time.  Use a long range weapon to take them out as quickly as you can.

Laser Helicopter
With four mounted lasers these helicopters can fry you in an instant.  Shoot them down before they light you up!

Helicopter Gunship
With speed, lasers and heavy rockets these flying nightmares are the most ruthless attack helicopter in the enemy's arsenal.  Head for cover and take these out from a safe distance. 

This prototype hovering tank fires twin lasers.  Their ability to travel over land and water at high speed makes them a constant potential threat!

Hover Ship
These hovering aircraft are fast and highly maneuverable, they also fire heavy rockets at long range.  Keep a look out because they can sneak up on you in no time!

This more advanced version of the Hover Ship is faster and carries two heavy rocket launchers.  Find them before they find you!

These genetically modified creatures have been engineered especially to snap back at you!  Keep away from these monsters because they really can bite off more than they can chew!

With heavy rockets and a machine gun these gunboats pack quite a punch.  Time to sink a few lads!

GNV Trooper
These troopers are tougher than standard troopers and they often hunt in packs.  Be ready for a rapid exchange of fire when confronting these guys.

GNV Laser Trooper
Armed with deadly lasers these guys are not to be underestimated.

GNV Tank
These tanks are tough and armed with two mounted mini-guns as well as a turret.  Approach with caution.

GNV Heavy Tank
Armed with a heavy duty laser cannon and twin turrets these heavily armoured tanks are real tough.  Take them out before they make mincemeat out of you!

Light Dessert Tank
Small and fast these small dessert tanks are armed with mini-rockets.

Dessert Tank
Armed with mini missiles that fire at an incredible rate these tanks are highly effective at close range.  Take them out before they get too close!

Nail Trap
These tiny mini-gun turrets can be very hard to spot.  They are also very tough and are quite capable of turning you into Swiss cheese!

Cyber Bird
The only visual difference between these cybernetic birds and their living counterparts are their distinct yellow markings.  Oh an of course the fact that they fire plasma at you!

These snakes have very deadly venom.  Don't let them bite you, you have been warned!

Allied Units

In numbers, these guys with their machine guns can help out more than you would think.

Rocket Trooper
Armed with heavy duty rocket launchers these guys are good at clearing the way.

SAS Soldier
As you would think these guys are as hard as nails!  They are armed with very long range silenced sniper rifles that are highly effective against almost all targets.  Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

Armed with mini rockets these jeeps can hit hard at close range.  However their high speed is compromised by their lack of armour.

Recon Truck
These trucks are used to keep an eye on things.  They have practically no armour but they do carry a mounted mini-gun and heavy rocket launcher.

Gun Turret
These small turrets are tough.  With twin mounted mini-guns they are capable of mowing down enemy infantry!

Chinook Helicopter
These helicopters are essential for moving troops around the battlefield.  Protect these were possible because they are unarmed and don't carry any armour.  Note that player-interactive transport helicopters can not be destroyed until they have been used.

Hover Gunship
These hovering aircraft provide excellent covering fire with their twin mounted plasma cannons.

These bombers swoop on their targets and let loose with heavy rockets.  These airborne friends provide  highly effective air strikes against enemy tanks.

Tiger Jet
Armed with twin mini-guns and laser cannons these jets are great a mopping up ground targets.  Just be glad that they are on your side!


Neutral Units

Art Student
These dudes get everywhere and this game is no exception.  Being unarmed, puny and pathetic, it should come at no surprise that apart from wondering around they do absolutely nothing!

These are the guys in white coats who are used to keep technology moving.  They also carry chocolate bars and cola, if you ask them "nicely" then perhaps they will share them!

Big, slow and great at getting in the way!

Smaller, slow and great at getting in the way!

These cars are purely for decoration.  Find them scattered around the game serving no real purpose (just like art students)!

Sandy's Combine
Named after the guy who drew the sprite (Sandy that is!) these combines look great!  The only thing that they mow down is plants!

What would Meteor be with no sheep?  These fluff balls play a major role by getting the way of enemy fire!

Small cute and just lovely!

Swans don't really help the war effort but they do add some life to the water!

Small cute a fury, that is about all these little things are.  Run rabbit, run rabbit...

How could I forget to put the chicken in?!  Ask "nicely" and you may get an egg.

Last Modified: 14 December 2003
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