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After making finishing ROD in Summer 1998 I decided that I wanted to create a game that was far better structured, more dynamic and most of all upgradeable.  When I then started on Meteor I had no idea that the game would grow to be what it is today.  I also had no idea that I would be sitting here in 2001 still working on it!

No corners were cut when writing the Meteor game engine, everything had to be perfect.   All of the editors and game physics had to be well tuned to create an immersive game environment that would allow for alterations (or mods) in the future.

Finally almost a year later in early 1999 I rolled out an early alpha version to a few friends.  It was not until I received their feedback that I realised that this game may actually go somewhere.

Now downloaded by thousands of people, being the winner of many awards and having many good write ups Meteor is growing fast.  With the release of version 1.1 people will finally be able to use the game's dynamic code to its full potential by having the ability to create total conversions (TCs) and various mods for the game with little effort.

Summer 2001 saw the first release of Meteor for Win32 (Direct X) (v1.1).  This was intended to give the game a longer life as DOS was rapidly fading away.

The Future

Well how do I know?

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