Meteor FAQ

This document contains a number of commonly asked questions (with answers).  Please read this document if you have a query, otherwise visit the Meteor forum.

For general help on making modifications for Meteor (including maps) please follow this link.

Q. What operating systems does Meteor run on?

A. Meter has been tested on Windows XP with DirectX 9c installed.  However it should work under any Win32 operating system but these have not been tested.

Q. Can I play Meteor in multiplayer mode?

A. Sure, Meteor 1.3 supports UDP network play over a LAN or across the internet in both head to head and coop modes

Q. Will Meteor be ported to other platforms like Linux, BeOS or DOS?

A. There are no immediate plans to do this.  However an older DOS version is available from

Q. When I try to import or export a PCX file in the Sprite or Tile editors I get a message saying "Disk Error", why?

A. This is a known issue with older versions and it does not mean that there is an error on your disk.  This is happening because the default PCX import/export directory does not exist.  This value was set to "../gfxsrc/" for my machine during development and never changed when Meteor was released.  To fix this change the value for "PcxImportPath" in the "engine.def" file using a text editor.

its a shame that the Allegro library file dialogs say "Disk Error" instead of something like "Path not found" when a path is not found.

Q. Does Meteor support MP3 music?

A. No, Meteor only supports module based music, there are thousands of free module tracks available all over the Ineternet.

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