Console Reference

The game console should only be used within a game, press the tilde key during a game to access the console.  The console is not available to multiplayer clients.

The table below if a list of console commands.  Cells shown in yellow are classified as cheat commands.

Command Action
units killall Kills all units on the current level.
units wakeup Wakes up all units on the current level (by default units wake up when they become visible on the game screen).
units reset Puts units to sleep (they will not move again until they become visible).
god Toggles god mode.
giveitem all Gives you everything.
UseGameTimer <VALUE> Where VALUE is "1" or "0", use this to toggle whether to use the game timer code.  Be warned that if you turn this off everything will run at CPU speed.  Note that this is only really effective when the "Sync Vertical Retrace" options is disabled.
MouseTest Lets you test your mouse buttons, this was used for debugging mouse issues under Win2K.
I wanna be a sheep shooter Gives you the sheep shooter gun, just like in ROD.  In older version (pre 1.3) this just shows a "funny" message.
endlevel Completes the current map (exits the level with an exit flag of 1).
bombout Exits Meteor as if an error was raised (this was used for testing the game shut down code).
RemovePath <PATH> Pass a full path and this command will return the last segment (used to test the "RemovePath" function).
LoadCharacter <FILENAME> Loads a player character from the "players" folder.  This is useful for testing modified player characters.
kill Kills the player (used for debugging the death code).
side <VALUE> Typing "side" on its own will display your current side.  If you pass a number (like "side 1") it will change your current side thus making your allies become your enemies and so on.
savetiles <FILENAME> Saves the current tileset to a file, pretty pointless really.
about Displays version and copyright information.
map <FILENAME> Runs a map from disk.  You can type "map" on its own to bring up a file selector box.
view Opens File Viewer (a text file viewing tool).
intervals Displays timer information (pretty pointless).
restarttimer Stops and restarts the timer code.
playmusic <FILENAME> Plays a module music file from disk.
name <VALUE> Type "name" on its own to display the player's name or pass a string to set the name.
stopmusic Stops the music.
inventory Displays a list of what you are carrying.
loadedsamples Displays information about loaded digital samples.
loadeddata Displays information about loaded game data.
loaddata Refreshes the game data (sprites, projectiles, weapons and races) by reloading it.
drop <ITEM NAME> Pass an item name for the player to drop an item (i.e. "drop pistol" will make the player drop their pistol).  This command was removed in v1.2 but returned in 1.3.
soundinfo Displays sound information.
hover Gives or takes the hoverboard.
net gameinfo Shows information about the current network game.
net players Shows information about other players in the game.
net peers Shows information about client peers (Enet peer data).
net ping Sends a ping to the server (formally just "ping").
net id Shows the computer's player ID.
net ResolvePlayerId <ID> Pass <ID> as a player ID, this will be resolved to a player number.
rotation Shows the current map list rotation.
warp <MISSION NUMBER> Warps to a specific mission.
TimeLimit Displays the number of seconds remaining to complete the current mission (when applicable).

Note that that you can also type in "cool" while viewing the credits to visit the Wise One!

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