Converting Old Mods (pre v1.2)

Mods created with older versions of Meteor (pre v1.2) require a few changes to make them work with v1.2. These changes can be made by following these simple steps.

1. Add new vars to gamedefs.txt

Open gamedefs.txt in your mod folder and add the following text:


2. Create MapLists Folder

Create a new folder within your mod's base folder called "MapLists"

3. Create Map Lists

Before v1.2 the map list was stored in gamedefs.txt. Meteor now uses 2 map lists (one for single player and coop and one for head to head). These map lists should be created using the map list editor and should be saved in your mod's MapLists folder using the following filenames.

Single player and coop =
Head to head =

Once you have done this you can remove the "addmap" lines from your gamedefs.txt.

Thats it!

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Last Modified: 04 September 2005
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