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Potato Dude 3D

Download Potato Dude 3D Latest Release: 03 May 2009
First Release: 27 Nov 2008

Download Potato Dude 3D vBeta 1 (3.08 MB) (Windows installer)
Released on 03 May 2009.
Beta Software

This download is flagged as "Beta" software. This means that:
 - The game is not fully tested.
 - The game may be incomplete/unfinished.
 - The game may be unstable and might produce unwanted results.

All downloads are subject to the Terms of Use.


Potato Dude 3D is a freeware kids face making game using animated 3D models. There are several characters to pick from and you can play with your freinds or kids using a network.

This game was created using AllegroGL and ENet.

Mr Spuddy

Choo Choo

Rod Megaworm




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